HB06-S Intensive Care Bed 4 Motors

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Back,foot and lowering-uppering heigt adjustment , , trendelenburg and reserve , trendelenburg are done by 4 pieces of motors and the desired position is provided.

Key features

Each bed consist of 4 rails made from injection plastic all sides of bed.

The bed head section movement; there is a system which is to avoid discomfort to the patient and prevent the collection.

The bed height ,trendelenburg/reserve trendelenburg,footboard and headboard are all controlled electronically and there is a angle gauge in the side of the bed.

The bed headand foot segment angle can be controlled electronicaly.

The bed foot segment angle can be controlled by manuelly.

Karyolanın alt bacak açısı ayarlı mekanizma sayesinde manuel olarak ayarlanabilmektedir.

The bed have electronic CPR and manuel CPR mechanism better know as(quick release)for emegency purposes.

The nurse control panel is located on the side of the bed and is easily used by nursinf staff.All the task can be performed by the control panel and if required,position on the bed can be locked and activated from the control pnanel by staff

The casters adjustment pedal is located at the foot of the bed.The casters can be adjusment with this pedals.

The bed castors can around 360° and the bed has got diagonal piping system.

There are revoling rubber dampers at each corner of the bed.

Each bed is constructed with metal parts,which are painted with an electrostatic powder coating.

The height of the chassis ,the bottom of the bed fluoroscopy c - arm has been designed for the effective use of devices.

Each bed consist of 4 rails made from injection plastic all sides of bed.These rails or barriers are removable for the cleaning.

Standard accessories

IV pole
Drinage pole

Optional access

Manuel CPR
Bed exit alarm
weight scale
X Ray apart


2-Year Warranty
3-Year Technical Support

Color options


Optional Pillows



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