BA01-L Elegance Examination and Skin Care Chair

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BA01-L Elegance Chair can be use for examination ,body care,epilation,hair transplantations and the other plastical surgery.

Key features

There are 4 DC  motors such as back parts’, foot parts’, trendelenburgs’, up&down and cramp support movement.

The arms move with the back in paralel to the ground together. Also arms are removable depending on the choose. 

There is a removable foot extension and the cramp support section  in the foot part of the chair.

There is a removable head extension part of the chair.

The upholstery which is covered as special vinleks material, is long life, easy to clean, water proof, and anti-bacterial features. 

There is a headrest pad for hair transplantations.


Standard accessories

Head support
Leg support

Optional accessories

Head cushion
Triangle cushion


2-Year Warranty
3-Year Technical Support

Color options


Optional pillows

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